In the News…Volcanos in Iceland….

Wow, I think I can say with surety that being stranded in any airport, in any city, while waiting for volcanic ash to dissipate, would be a zero on the fun meter. For sure. And to think this all started from pristine Iceland. Cold, clear and actually one of the most volcanic spots on earth, Iceland usually doesn’t hit the world radar too much But volcanic it is, hence it’s nickname “the land of fire and ice”. Fitting. Iceland is such an enigmatic, interesting country. I have read more than once, that ALL of the non recent immigrant 300,000 Icelanders are in fact, related. A little bit “ewww” but really more “hmmm”. Icelanders are said to have been descendants of Norwegians that came in around the time of the Vikings – 800AD. Interestingly, the Icelandic language has changed so little – Icelanders can read 13th century literature as easily as modern day. Imagine! No need for updated Bibles! Most Icelanders have two jobs, 90% of the women work and 1/5th of the country works in industries related to – ready for this – FISH. It has virtually no crime, one of the highest standards of living in the world and their phone books are alphabetized by FIRST name – since essentially everyone has the same last name. So today – their volcano shut down most of the world’s air travel, but soon they will return to a gorgeous country whose biggest deduct to me is their love of raw fish. A bigger ewww than being related to everyone you meet, date or marry. Visiting Iceland (again), is on my to do list….

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