In the News….Earth Day

Okay today’s Earth Day. More people should care. I think perhaps more folks know today is NFL Draft Day. Don’t get me wrong – sports and human interest stories have a place for sure. But Earth Day has been reduced to some coloring sheets in school and big sales at appliance stores touting Energy Star Appliances. **sigh** Let’s make it more. Here is my totally non scientific, totally unofficial top five list of things we should be doing EVERY DAY to celebrate this mass of rock and lava and water that masquerades as a beautiful, sometimes temperate, sometimes volatile, still very life sustaining home called Earth. Just for the record, I am personally guilty of blowing off 4 out of 5 of these on a regular basis. So shame on me first. And yes, the list could easily number into the hundreds, but blogs do best with snippets not missives. Usually. :)

5. Yah, you know it – don’t run the water when you brush your teeth (….hint hint guy whose toothbrush rests next to mine). Truly – I never do this one!

4. Just find a few old boxes, a Sharpie and some space on a high shelf in your garage. Mark the boxes…old paint, old batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc. Toss the stuff up there. Usually once a year or so, most communities offer a spring clean out day where you can bring this stuff to a collection site for either no fee, or a low fee. It’s like changing the battery in your smoke detectors – you should do it, and once a year, so just make it easy to do by tossing those boxes up there. You are 90% more likely to recycle them if those boxes exist and are labeled.

3. Really consider not buying the ginormous hard plastic laundry soap containers. Buy their recycled paper box version. If you ONLY can endure life with your liquid detergent, be darn tooting sure you recycle those monsters. Long after the continents fall into the oceans…those GAIN and TIDE containers will be bobbing along still fresh and new…..

2. Train yourself and your kiddos that you do not need fresh pajamas more than once every three days and I am going out on a limb here for the same change of bath towel. Okay if you sweat a lot at night – your number might be different. If you work in a coal mine your towels are likely changed daily. But for the average American Joe and Josie – we could easily do less laundry, and save more water, by simply assigning a NUMBER VALUE to how often things are changed. Kids know it’s gym day or art day at school, so why not towel changing day at home?

#1 Yah this one I’m REALLY guilty of doing. At home – I’m a recycle MACHINE! I love it when I run that last milk carton out to the recycle bin at the curb just as the giant collection truck hits our cul de sac. SCORE – saved another seal from extinction YES! However…when I’m out and about with my can of Diet Coke, or my bottled water and there is NOT a recycle bin…okay total honesty here – I usually just toss my recycles in the garbage. Yes I know – that makes me an eco hypocrite and I am not proud of that fact. It’s often too messy, or too much work to bring those recyclables home. But I should. I and know it. Now that I’ve said it out loud (via blogging) I will do a better job. Or I could just drink less Diet Coke and be healthier anyway!

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