C'est moi

I’m a mom to four, wife to a great man, lover of the Lord, owner of scads of pets, a ballet teacher, marathoner, Scout leader, former Peace Corp Volunteer, big lover of volunteering outside of jungles, voracious reader, so-so cook but solid hostess, closet lover of those ginormous families with reality shows, a proud owner of the 20,000+ miles a year on my van (without a road trip yes those are all miles taking the kids places thank you very much), and a freelance writer. I write this blog for many reasons and people, but my ultimate goal – is to raise awareness of two of my favorite causes – Sharing and Caring Hands serving the poor and hungry here in the Twin Cities … and Amazima Ministries serving the poor and hungry (mostly children) in the poorest area of Uganda. Both ministries are led by AMAZING women who live their faith every hour of every day: Mary Jane Copeland of Sharing and Caring Hands and Katie Davis of Amazima. So much more to come on these wonderful charities!
While I share what THEY are up to – I have challenged myself to 365 days (starting um, yesterday on August 2, 2010) of SOJTBN (serving others just to be nice). That means for 365 days in a row, I will commit to finding SOMETHING nice to do – serving/helping/giving/etc – to someone or something.

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