Meet the Family

Becca with her soccer game face on

Hubby (a.k.a Mitch)….he’s the tallest one in the house, the most serious, the fastest on inline skates, the least likely to eat oreos after 10PM, the most likely to notice flaws of minutiae, still holds title of “able to carry the heaviest bags”, does a perfect imitation of a stubborn Norwegian.

Zack…14, smart, Boy Scout, loves to rip stick, loves to dance but don’t tease him, he’s also a black belt in taekwando, now working on a 2nd black belt in karate.

Hannah…my 11 year tween, gone are pink and sparkles, here are brown and name brands, gone are hello kitty head bands, here are spiral perms that we flat iron out to look like before we got the spiral perm. Loves to teach, lives to teach, I suspect will grow up to teach. She does competition dance as well.

Luke….my 9 year old hockey player, does NOT love to dance. He sums up best his personality using his own words for a future career….”I want to be a farmer in the summer, a preacher in the winter and fix my farm equipment on winter weekends”. Okay then.

Becca…Little Miss 7 going on fourteen takes a village to raise because she just flat out wears you out. Can be a ray of sunshiney joy, can swear like a sailor. Can be gentle and patient and loving, has been known to walk out on roofs just to get a rise. Not sure if it’s birth order or all that Diet Coke I drank while pregnant…but from her thick brown hair to her thunderous personality – she’s a handfull. But that’s okay.

Four legged members….Two boxers Diesel and Dixie, four cats….Raven, Snowy, Gray Stray Kitty and Buff Stray Kitty…oh and a stray mouse, that somehow has eluded the radar of the stray kitties.

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