What nice thing did YOU see or do today????

I’ll start! You post YOUR stories of nice in the comments…till I figure out a better way to do it.

There’s a lady who works near one of my jobs. She owns a business nearby. She is a how do you say – um, crabby person. She scowls – a lot. For no reason. And if she thinks she has a reason to dislike you (even though you have never met), she scowls more. Today – I went out of my way to SCOWL BIGGER than she was scowling at me – just kidding!!! Today when we passed in the parking lot I gave a big gushy, “Good afternoon!” and held her gaze for as long as I could before I ran into the back of a Corolla. Now I’d like to say this changed her heart on the spot and she’s now coming for dinner tomorrow, but no, she just for once, gave me a SMALL scowl and not a HUGE one so I will take that as a victory.

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