Quiet Weekend (read lonely) without the kiddos…

I just love how the kids get to spend so much time on their grandparents farm in the summer. Awesome awesome stuff. But I sure miss them. Grandma and Grandpa have a 200 acre farm that is mostly just woods, a few crops a nearby farmer grows but just enough to spice up the landscape. Out there, my kids usually help them mow (8 hours on the rider just to do the windbreak), help them weed (Grandma has stunning flower gardens), help them fix duck boxes and whatnot in the way back (this is Lukey’s favorite job) and the eat lots of pancakes, sausage and Schwann’s pizza. :) But I miss them.
Hannah finished up her week at Camp Serve. Thursday they painted lines on the church parking lot and Friday they worked at a homeless shelter. She made friends, got her appetite for service whetted (said she WOULD do this again), had some fun and discovered how God fits in your life every day – not just on Sundays.
Hubby and I ran, rollerbladed, grilled some steak, he worked on the sprinkler system (leaking somewhere I guess) and I worked through my eye level of ironing pile (not gonna say where the pile started but I will say it was not on a high table). Soon the kiddos will be home and we’ll enjoy all their dirty feet, funny stories and camp fire smelling hair.

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