Jet lagged student and Day 3 of SOJTBN

More Wii fun!

Playing Wii with Yuko

Today was probably jet lag catch up day for Yuko. She has been getting to sleep close to midnight - maybe later - up at 6AM. Being Japanese and very polite, she is reluctant to head to bed before her hosts retire. We are night owls here, so Yuko is on the one hand a night owl teenager herself, but on the other hand a jet lagged guest whose eye lids were getting mighty droopy at 10:00PM when Hannah suggested they start an air hockey tournament. Yuko, like all our students, will cheerfully agree to play even if she is literally walking into doorframes from fatigue. So I sent them all to bed at 10:00PM. Yuko (as did all our students) appears to leave her lights on all night. No clue how you sleep with the room light on. But they do! As is typical, there was a huge neighborhood kickball game in the cul de sac and as usual she joined in. So fun to see 30 little kids and Yuko out there - plus a few of the die hard kids at heart Dads. This is why we enjoy hosting so much - the students are just a ray of sunshine in our lives. It's also great for my kids to learn about Japan and I feel that on a teeny weeny level it makes the world a happier place because it builds a bridge between two families - continents apart - that now are bound together forever.
As for day 3 of SOJTBN nothing terribly heroic yesterday - we took trash bags with us on a nightly walk through the city parks and picked up trash. But - it did beautify the walkways and it did demonstrate to the kids that it takes so very little to make things nicer. And it made for some interesting conversations with folks that lived near the parks as to the idea we were just doing this - just to be nice. Got lots of smiles from that exchange!

About Being Nice Is Free

Always a white Christmas here!
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