Donut Fryer and Drive Thru Difference – SOJTBN Day 2

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Today was an interesting day, to say the least. I am currently between jobs (I have four essentially – three part time and the still elusive ideal full time job). Today I added a 4th part time job…. DONUT FRYER at the local grocery store. Why did this appeal to me? Well because the hours were 5AM till 1PM which worked nicely with my schedule as I teach dance part time some nights, and I write when I get jobs. I also help a friend clean houses, but that too is when jobs come up. Sooo, mostly I am here lately. :) Now I love my local grocery store and I love donuts which apparently is all it took for me to land this bad boy. It was a refreshing change from the past month, where I had ferociously pursued two jobs in IT at a Fortune 500 Company. Several interviews later – I was close, but alas no cigar. These jobs would have allowed ME a budget for a cleaning lady – but close is not “welcome aboard” so I will keep up my juggling of part time jobs while I look for that “perfect fit” full time job. I am actually curious WHAT a donut fryer (and I will be frosting them too – wonders!) does but it’s “fast paced” and “never boring” they assure me. I’m ready for the adventure. Apparently I get a regulation white baker’s outfit too. Now I’m in the big time.
As for the Serving Others Just To Be Nice act of the day – was a “Drive Thru Difference” moment at Macs. Our local Christian radio station – KTIS – which I listen to almost exclusively when I’m not listening to NPR (news), encourages listeners to occasionally just go wild and crazy and pay for the person in line behind them. Now they don’t mean at the furniture store, or the car dealership – but McDonalds or Caribou Coffee or perhaps even the grocery store. There is a letter you can pass on but I just paid for the silver sedan behind me and told them it was from a “listener of KTIS wishing them a great day!” :) It came to an extra $11.47 so a small amount paid for hopefully a big smile. Some days maybe we’ll save a life for the good deed – today we bought a burger and fries for an unsuspecting car behind us. All good! :)

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