Daddy the flier deliver boy…

Daddy does the paper boy thing

Mitch had to deliver fliers to residents in a neighborhood about 4 miles away. We organize the St. Michael Inline Half Marathon every year which requires us to close off about a 7 mile stretch of road for about 2 hours (racers loop it to equal 13.1 miles). Residents can leave – but will need police escort. Each year, we stuff newspaper boxes with fliers reminding the residents of the 2 hour window of the race, telling them how to get an escort out and encouraging them to consider grabbing a cup of Joe, hanging on their front lawn and cheering on the racers! These racers are world pros – right on down to our local neighbors. :) So this morning, to stuff the boxes of an additional neighborhood we are looping this year, Daddy took off on his bike with his little messenger bag, and I just had to snap a shot.

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