Becca’s nursery and exchange student prep work!

The twins

Becca's nursery

Today is all about last minute prep for the exchange student who arrives tomorrow MONDAY! Her name is Yuko and she is a 21 year old Japanese student coming to live with us for a few weeks in August. It's part of a larger program from her university in Tokoyo. They study American culture and life - then the semester ends with a 3 week "home stay" with some families in Minnesota. They do realize we are not New York City and truly what they want - and what we are to do - are simply to bring them into our life for 3 weeks. Nothing heroic - just take them where we go...Luke's hockey, Becca's dance, the grocery store, etc. We have done it for about 5 summers and we simply love it. More on Yuko later!
The above pictures were Becca's nursery she designed in the family room. She took excellent care of her plastic babies and when she could get a hold of Simba the kitty - she buckled him in a few car seats and high chairs and as usual, he obediently complied. No wild barn cat gene in him - he's alllll about the petting and the naps. :)

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