Kitty didn’t get the memo….

Dude, I'm in the middle of a nap - drop the blanket!

When's dinner?

He’s a cat…not a doll. :) One of our 4+ pets is a sweet, cheerio colored humane society kitty (almost cat) that the kids named Simba. However we just call him, “Puffy Tail” because every time he comes up against oh say – a housefly – his tail gets puffy, his teeny teeth are bared – and it’s kitty versus wild. You can expect the same response if someone drops a spoon, there is thunder or our giant boxers get loose and go bezerk in the house (okay he has a right to a puffy tail then!) Since the day we brought him home, he’s spent more time in baby strollers, infant car seats and on pillow towers, than he has in cat carriers or even laying on the floor. He truly did not get the memo…but I’m glad he did not – it’s always worth a smile to see where “Puffy Tail” is chilling out.

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