The little tree that could…or maybe not

Lukey and our little half dead tree....

So on Arbor Day or something – the school sends home little slips of teeny but nice trees. This one was planted in my annuals last year and grew to almost 5 feet in 12 months! So to avoid a ginormous tree growing out of my porch planters – we gave it a new home in the backyard, where it can grow up and shade the sandbox and playfort. BUT, on one particularly scorcher day right after it was transplanted, a daily watering was skipping and the poor tree nearly died. We have him in Arbor ICU but right now he’s still on life support. Poor little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Luke and I thought we’d take a “before” shot and hopefully the “after” will not be in the garbage can. Here’s rooting for our little tree (get it???? :))

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Always a white Christmas here!
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