Everything Old is New Again…

Becca's attempt at curls - sleeping with braids!

Straight hair day

Spongy Roller Results - age 11!

Age 4 with spongy roller curls

So Hannah found some old spongy rollers in the back of the bathroom cabinet. Now back in the day – if straight hair’ed girls wanted curls – they had to go with spongy rollers. Later, hot rollers came on the scene but those were not for anyone still wearing Care Bear pajamas. I purchased these spongy rollers back when Hannah was 4 and in her first dance recital. Her show was in the evening, but she had preschool that day. Yes, I sent my daughter to preschool WITH spongy rollers in and I’m sure I looked like a Hilly Billy Mom but it got the job done. Today – Mom’s simply purchase a clip on hair piece that has exactly the hair style they wish.
Now years and a spiral perm that’s fading later – Hannah wanted to go curly for the day. She patiently wet her hair and rolled it all up in spongies –then went to sleep. This morning – VOILA! CURLS!!! She was a perfect representation of Shirley Temple and The Good Ship Lollipop when she first took them out, then she brushed them out and was left with a nice heads of ringlets that don’t naturally grow out of anyone’s head that lives in this poker straight hair house. Here are two shots from her two experiences with spongy rollrs….one at 4 and one at 11. :)

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