Zack to Tomahawk today…

Zack on the 40 foot high rope course COPE

We caravaned from St. Michael to Birchwood WI to take all our boys to Tomahawk Scout Camp for the week. 28 boys going – a great turn out! What a week they will have earning merit badges for all the typical Scout camp fun – wilderness survival, life saving, canoeing, camping, fly fishing, archery, etc. Zack always acts a little non plussed but the idea he’ll have so many new experiences does appeal to him I know. I enjoyed the ride up – 5 TALL guys in my van. Normally I can see straight out the back window but not today. Just a mass of heads. :) If it were not for the job search/interview process – I would be up there with him in a HEARTBEAT. Next year – for sure. Now I wait and wonder all week how he is doing…but I do believe he did pack his cell phone so maybe I will get a late night text update. Here’s hoping…

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